Jack McCaffrey

Experimental Title Sequence

Experimental Title Sequence

Mock title sequence for a fictional film based on the book "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry" by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I captured my own footage of visual experiments, created out of various chemical reactions.

The goal behind this project was to experiment with new ways to create visuals, things I had never explored before. As a longtime lover of science, I made it my mission to discover various reactions to develop my own abstract graphics. It was an aesthetic of something otherworldly, memorable, and ultimately: beautiful.

Due to my focus on scientific experiments, I found it a logical choice to base my visuals on Neil DeGrasse Tyson's novel, which centers around the big bang and creation of life. As a plus, it is a damn good book too!


Experiment #1: Pouring water on hot sand.

Experiment #2: "Fire Snake" - a combination of baking soda, sugar, sand, and lighter fluid. Watch it grow!

Experiment #3: Metal welding... yeah, this one didn't quite work. It wasn't visually interesting, and the lack of welding experience certainly didn't do me any favors.

Rough Design Board

My initial designs generally used the natural colors, leading to generally uninteresting visuals and simply, not abstracted enough. The text had not received much love either, being centrally placed and with little care to scale. I also had noticed that my final frame's footage was overexposed and as I didn't have the means to reshoot, I decided instead to use the overexposure as a stylistic choice. This result can be seen below, in the final design board.

Despite these qualms, shooting the footage gave me a strong foundation to work from and guided my choices for the final delivery.

Final Design Board